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Drum roll please! Don’t worry, I’m playing it in my imagination, so you don’t need to make a sound. 

Today, we’re launching our new blog covering all aspects of how and why we produce web video for companies across the UK, plus countries as far apart as Poland, Kenya and China. The Video Advert Company has been around for 10 years and I have to say that since I joined in 2012, it’s been a hectic and wonderful journey. We’ve picked up an unfeasible amount of interesting facts about video production, visual effects, film festivals, the latest camera equipment and tons of other titbits that may be useful to media savvy people out there. 

I also want to introduce you to members of our extended team. Let’s start with editor and producer Chris Burke

Chris Burke Editor, Producer, Post-Production guru

There’s almost nothing that Chris doesn’t know about Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. Honestly, he’s some kind of Post-Production guru. He could be seriously boring if you got him on the subject of visual effects, but luckily due to a heavy caffeine addiction, he has a short attention span. What’s really cool about Chris, is that he plays the saxophone in the office. Occasionally, during a hot summer afternoon, you can almost imagine yourself in an apartment in Harlem. He also possesses one of the driest senses of humour. He’ll sit in a meeting being really quiet, then suddenly, he’ll come out with a well-timed, one-liner that will have us all in stitches. Usually when I have a mouthful of tea. 

Who’s the coolest in your office?

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    1. Hi Dan – that’s wonderful. Thanks for you support. In fact, thanks for everything you do. I’d love to do an article on you in the coming days – Profiling you and the fantastic work you’ve down in the last few years. Would that be OK? Andrea xx

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