Presenter video

A  well-scripted presenter video is a really effective way of engaging your visitors and converting them to customers. They can give simple, sincere and powerful messages about your products or services. Here at The Video Advert Company, we only use the best presenters – they’re talented, competent and trustworthy. Crucially, that means that your customers will have a really positive first impression of your company.

If you’re shopping around then you know that most other web video production companies film the presenter and substitute a background. In fact, some don't have a background at all and are delivered as Flash videos, which can't be seen on iPads, iPhones etc. Our presenter videos can be seen on any device! Each one has a huge amount of creative input to make them just right. We add in motion graphics, kinetic text and a licensed musical soundtrack - at no extra cost. Contact us today.

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More than 2000 happy clients!

We love working on new projects and meeting new clients, but we still remain great partners with our growing band of satisifed customers. In fact, a large percentage of our production workload comes from returning customers. We've watched companies grow, develop and succeed over the years and when they want a slick and  focussed video - they come back to us! Over and over again!

As a visual medium, web video is booming! It's become a vital element in the promotion of your website, not just because it enriches the customer experience, but because it encourages visitors to hang around and not just bounce over to your competitors.

A presenter will embody your company and  deliver critical messages to your visitors 24/7. It will also significantly:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce bouce rates