Many thanks for the web video - I have nothing to say but WOW, I really love it and can't wait to start using it.
Kenneth Vernall — Bodyscope
We found TVAC fantastic - from refining our message to executing our vision. We'll recommend TVAC to anyone that we can.
Colin Brimson — d-flo
Thank you very much for the amazing production you've put together!
Keenan — Watch this spot
Thanks to ALL - bloody marvellous job and one happy customer
Debbie Kirkly — OSV
Thank you for the video. It's exceeded all my expectations!

What can I say - It's PERFECT!
Henna— Winlotto
… Naturally we used TVAC again when we updated our website. They did a marvellous quality job. Would not use any other company. Highly recommended.
Graham Mann — H2o Building Services
What a brilliant job your team have done with both of these videos. Everything from the script to production is amazing and we could not be happier.
David Morton — Our IT Dept
congratulate the graphics guy on the way he used the header graphics, very good. Also the presenter, word perfect and clear and very attractive
Roger Murphy — Roombid
We all love the videos they are really brilliant, very professional - I am after more. Thanks to all the team - thank Dan (The presenter) as well.
Great job !!
Richard Till — Greenfield Recovery
Thank you for all the work that your team has done on the Ashleigh & Burwood videos. Everyone is very happy with the end product. A glowing report from us :-)
Deborah Bettinson — Ashleigh & Burwood
10/10 on the videos. Awesome! This was a massive undertaking and I was very protective of the brand. I was experly guided through the process. Delighted with the results
Raul Echeverria — Hideo Wakamatsu
The video has already created a lot of interest, and a lot of our customers are asking for private label versions.
Thanks for everything!
Rob Davies — Dirteeze
We are very happy… delighted with the video… We think it looks great!!!! We wanted a video to demonstrate the simplicity of our product. TVAC produced exactly that. Beautifully shot... Beautifully handled        
Patrick Gavin — Card Vase
We used The Video Advert Company from a recommendation, we found them to be very professional and everything was done as commissioned and in time, we will be using them again for our next wave of video promotion.
Trevor Gillham —

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