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Chris Burke founded The Video Advert Company in 2006 and we've grown each year. Our offices are in London and just outside of Cardiff and these locations give us access to the best creative talent working in the UK right now. We have a team of 5 animators & motion designers, 5 editors, 5 production crew, 2 scriptwriters and 2 project managers. Our style is collaborative and the atmosphere is fun, but most of all we never forget who we're here for - YOU!

We work with a pool of 12 presenters and 10 voiceover artists on a project-by-project basis.  Just as well. They're very, very good looking, so having them in the office all the time would either be distracting, or depressing. Only joking!

We love what we do and we really enjoy working as a team.

We're utterly committed to keeping our skills current - so we do a lot of training and development. There's a mind boggling array of packages and plugins that we have to master, but we want to ensure that our videos offer the most exciting  designs and special effects in the marketplace.

We serve clients across all types of business sectors and we're really proud of the thousands of videos we've produced over the years. If you're still thinking about whether an animation or presenter video is something you really want, call us. We're not pushy or sales-driven - but we are friendly and enthusiastic. Above all we offer great prices without compromising our high production values.

Project Managers

Our frontline staff are Andrea and Jules. They're knowledgeable and friendly - and their principle purpose is to organise your web video, while supporting you and answering any questions you may have. They'll be assigned at the start and will update you on progress every step of the way.

In the editing suite where the magic happens

We have two post-production teams - the motion designers and animators create the video footage from scratch. The editors cut the live action footage that's been filmed on location or at our studio. They're normally locked away in the editing suites with well-stocked coffee machines. They don't often see the light of day and you're likley to find them capturing, keying, compositing, editing, animating, sound-tracking, rendering and compressing at any one time!

Working on a shoot

When we're commissioned to produce a video at our studio or a location, the set will be run by our professional crew. The number of crew we use may vary, depending on the scale of the project, but there’s usually a lighting-cameraman, sound recordist, production assistant and director. We have highly talented presenters to front your videos - each one with extensive experience of working with major broadcasters like the BBC, Sky and ITV.

About The video advert company


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