Video Testimonials – the digital version of word-of-mouth referrals

Video Testimonials can be so powerful and so trusted by new customers

Word-of-mouth is the most trusted source of marketing according to a survey by Nielsen. 84 percent of buyers say that recommendations from friends or family are what they trust most of all. Why? Because we believe that they’re trying to help us, rather than sell us something. 

Video is the Most Impactful Testimonial

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The Fundamentals of Caring Film Review

Right now, I’ve been catching up with the first 2 series of ‘Line of Duty’ which are available on the BBC iPlayer. (I only discovered this phenomenon from series 3 onwards) 

However, on a recommendation from a friend, I did switch over to Netflix to catch up on ‘The Fundamental of Caring’ a laugh-out-loud, low-budget indie comedy and I’m so pleased I did. 

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